About People’s Education Society’s Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law

People's Education Society was established in 1933 by the founding trustees of the society, Late Shri. S. K. Patil (eminent social leader), Late Charandas Meghji (industrialist) & Late Dr. D. N. Kale. The society was particularly established for the education of the children of mill-workers in the area of Lower Parel. As a result of consistent efforts of social workers & personalities like Dr. H. J. Bhabha, Shri. B. H. Ranganekar, Prof. V. N. Hatey, Shri. Sayyad Munawwar etc. the society established two schools & later on a junior college as further natural progressive step.The society has established Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law offering five years degree course and three years degree course. The college is located at the prime location of Dadar (West) which is near to Dadar station of Western & Central Railway. It also has the advantage of having BEST buses going in all directions of Mumbai. Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law has an exclusive building admeasuring about 49,000 sq. ft. in area with a Modern Library, Computer Laboratory, Seminar, Moot-Court Room, Audio-Visual Hall and Auditorium. Liberalization & Globalization have immensely changed the scope of legal profession. It has opened various new avenues in national & international fields. The Indian law graduates with global perspective are acquiring top most positions in business, industries, government jobs & international relations. Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law will train students to be efficient lawyers. The need of efficient lawyers is growing because of increasing public awareness of rights and the efficacy of rule of law. People's Education Society proposes to cater to these new needs of the cream of talent in our country.



  • Shri. R. S. Apte - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Members

  • Shri. Anil Singh - (Additional Solicitor-General, Western Zone)
  • Shri. Ashutosh Kumbhakoni - (Advocate General, Maharashtra)
  • Shri. Shirish Gupte - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. Y. S. Jahagirdar - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Dr. V. N. Magare - (Pro Vice – Chancellor, S.N.D.T. University)
  • Shri. Rajiv Patil - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. R. B. Raghuvanshi - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. N. M. Rajadhyaksha - (Former Principal, New Law College)
  • Shri. T.N. Subramanium - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. Nitin Thakkar - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. N. V. Walawalkar - (Sr. Advocate)
  • Shri. S. G. Deshmukh - (Advocate)
  • Dr. Poornima Advani - (Advocate)
  • Shri. Uday Warunjikar - (Advocate)


  • Smt. Urmila Apte - (Trustee Chairman)
  • Shri. Sharad Satam - (Trustee General Secretary)
  • Adv. Ramchandra Apte - (Senior Advocate)
  • C.A. Vinayak Lele - (Chartered Accountant)
  • Prof. Jyotsna Gore - (Logic)
  • Prof. Aditya Godbole - (English)
  • Shri. Gaurav Bhave - (Head Clerk)
  • Prof. Vaishali Gurav - (I/C Principal)
  • Anjali Helekar - (Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Committee)
  • Aruna Soman - (Cost & Management Accountant)
  • Akshay Pai - (Alumnus)